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Tom Morello

The Atlas Underground Flood [Sky Blue Grape 2LP]

Vinyl: $38.98 PREORDER


Featuring a diverse and spectacular cast of collaborators, "The Atlas Underground Flood" is a treasure trove of creativity, spanning many genres. The album is the surprise sister record released on the heels of "The Atlas Underground FireFire and “Flood are a continuation of the Rage Against The Machine guitarist’s groundbreaking 2018 album, “The Atlas Underground.” Morello’s insane guitar playing is on full display taking the instrument into the future and forging an alternative/rock/EDM masterpiece with heavy metal legends, punk icons and cutting edge firebrands.

Tom Morello - The Atlas Underground Flood [Sky Blue Grape 2LP]
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Greenhouse EP [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition 10in LP]

Vinyl: $16.98 PREORDER

Miloe, a.k.a. Bobby Kabeya, is a 20-year-old Minneapolis artist, by way of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who released his incredible Greenhouse EP in 2020. Kabeya moved to the U.S. with his family at the age of 8 to reunite with his father, a journalist who was granted asylum three years prior. Greenhouse is an exhilaratingly energetic and youthful homage to summer and the weather patterns of his childhood, paired with lyrics of teenage melodrama and idealism. Indie Exclusive 10” LP.

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