Happy Hour w. Jesse Sprinkle

Come on out for the beautiful dark pop sounds of Jesse Sprinkle at our live music happy hour on Wednesday November 14th. Drink specials start at 5pm, live music starts at 6pm.

About Jesse Sprinkle:
Musically, Jesse Sprinkle's career has skipped over every genre. He started as a drummer with the Seattle-area grunge band Poor Old Lu in 1993, then branched out with the classical guitar album Sunsites in 1997. Since then, he's toured through rap, heavy metal, and acoustic rock on solo projects and on bands like Burning Daylight, Demon Hunter, and Morella's Forest.

The Rochester City Newspaper wrote "Sprinkle's music is sparse and spacious, moody but not gloomy. It's essentially the man and his guitar.... Sprinkle rifles around the thesaurus in his head, searching for an appropriate label before settling on 'darker pop.'"

That fits. Jesse's music mostly falls on the melancholy side of beauty, with surprising splashes of cheerfulness.

Listen to him here:

5:00PM Record Archive
Rochester, NY