The Flipsiders Reunion Show

We are staying open late for this one! 

The Flipsiders return! 

The Flipsiders are Jeff Riales, Jed Curran, Bruce Diamond, Steve Piper, Joe Grillo and special guest Al Keltz. 

Jed and Jeff started the popular open mic at The Flipside Bar and Grille back in 2005. It rapidly became a favorite hangout for all kinds of musicians and music lovers. From first time performers to seasoned veterans like Bobby Henry, Brian Williams, Chet Catallo, Connie Deming and the late Dave Donnelly, Thursday nights at The Flipside was the place to be.

The Flipsiders were formed out of friendship and fellowship becoming the house band for the open mic. The Flipside closed in 2013 but lives on in the memories of many. Jed and Jeff have decided to put the band back together for a night of music, memories and a few bad jokes.

7:00PM Record Archive
Rochester, NY